Laser cutting built to help your business scale fast.

We offer exceptional laser cutting and etching services in Oakland with courier pick up and delivery available in Oakland and San Francisco. Whether you are an artist, graphic designer, or business owner we can help you meet your production goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Materials that we can handle

Plastics - Acrylic and Delrin primarily

We do not supply or sell materials, we can source materials at our hourly rates.

Plywood - Birch is the most predictable, we are glad to try other woods at your request.


We do not cut metal. Some etching and LMM (Laser Metal Marking) options do exist.

How prices work

Rates are regular $100 and rush $150 per hour with a 1 hour minimum on regular turnaround.

All jobs must be paid in advance and are subject to additional charges if scope of work is changed after payment.

Turnaround time

Our standard turnaround time is 1 week and rush varies from 4 hours to 5 days depending on availablity and your job size.

Minimums for Rush: 4 hours @ 4 hour ($600), 24 hours @ 2 hour ($300), 48 hours @ 1 hour ($150), 3 to 5 days at 1/2 hour ($75).

Laser Bed Size

The Laser bed is slightly larger than the cut areas to accomodate material borders and pass through cutting and etching. Max cut area is 35 inches by 55 inches (900mm x 1200mm)

File types

We end up turning all files into DXF, though generally recommend sending a copy in whatever format you've created the original files in so we can double check. Ai (Adobe Illustrator) is most common. DWG, CDR, and SVG files work as well. If you are converting from any file format to any other, we recommend that you include some verifiable shape. For example, add a 1" circle that validates scale.

Note: in 2015 SF Laser relocated from San Francisco to West Oakland, thus the difference in name and location.

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